Cats TNR and Rescue have cats that are rescued, surrendered or brought in that don't fit into household environment. We are looking for adopters who have barns, shops, or property owners who need “working cats” for their winterized buildings.
Our barn buddy program is designed to find homes for cats that would traditionally be deemed un-adoptable through “normal” adoption procedures. We consider our barn buddies to be " outside pets". Their welfare is our foremost consideration.
We will not place tame pets or kittens under six months into barn homes.



Barn Buddy Program

Reasons to  adopt barn buddies

1. They are health checked ,  spayed or neutered. 

2. They have been dewormed

3. Had rabies shot

4. If needed snap tested for Fiv/Felv

5. They will keep your farm from being over run by rodents

An adoption application is required