Riding Mountain TNR  2016
We are endeavoring to bring the stray cat population under control in the town of Riding Mountain. Trapping was started in August with the help of Cathy Dafoe and Shelby Dafoe. We have several feeding stations set up in the town to feed the stray cats and trapping was started at these locations.
21 cats were trapped and fixed of these 11 were female with the potential of having 3 litters each a year. 
17 of these were adopted to homes.
1 went to a barn home and 3 were released and are being fed and shelter provided. That's a staggering number of litters prevented. Potentially from those 11 females they could have produced 66 kittens in one year even if only 2 out of every litter survived.​​

This fall in 2017 we took on a project in Wellwood where we trapped and caught 16 homeless stray cats! These cats were feeding on the dumpsters and handouts from friendly locals.
Of these 16 cats 2 of the more feral cats went into our barn buddy program where they have found a barn home together. We are happy to report that both of these cats have made themselves a home where they are busy catching mice and still are provided a warm place to live with daily food and water.
As of Dec. 2017 we have found indoor homes for 4 of the 16 cats and 6 are now socialized enough to be on our adoption list. 4 are close to being ready for adoption but will stay in a foster home until they are better socialized. This process can take time but the rewards are worth it all! Every cat deserves a chance and has a purpose!
Wellwood TNR
Claire ( wellwood #16) was found wandering the town badly injured. She was trapped, vetted for horrible chemical burns on her body and mouth. In her case we believe the owners moved out of town and left her. According to her tattoo she is 12 years old. This sweet girl has been given another chance. Claire has been adopted into a loving home.
We were able to trap and fix 13 cats that were returned. 6 kittens were surrendered and adopted out.
2 tame cats were adopted  and 2 kittens went to Siamese rescue in Winnipeg into their program.
Over the two years we have done this 45 cats were fixed dewormed and vaccinated. Giving them a better chance at a happier healthier life and prevented countless litters of kittens

       We had an incredibly busy year with the Wellwood rescue of 42 cats . Many are still waiting for their forever homes in the care of our rescue but the work continued. We started trapping at the McCreary Dump and tnred 16 cats. Most of these cats are not rehomeable so they were returned to the dump. We provide food and they are familiar with the territory so best we can do as barn homes are not as plentiful as we would like. Its very hard to relocate ferals . They are territorial and will try to return to their home putting themselves in danger. We will continue to tnr in the spring. 

Also were busy in the town of Eden. 6 cats were trapped. 3 went into foster care, one was adopted and two went to a great barn home.

With the Wellwood rescue ​and the other cats we were able to help we put a total of 212 cats through. 70 were adopted out . ​​​


New this year    2019

Another program we have started this year is helping responsible people spay and neuter. We get many calls from people who are overwhelmed with cats but are financially not able to pay full cost of spaying and neutering. With our partner vet clinic Dr. North of Carberry we can offer them a reduced cost. This program is more for large numbers of owned cats like a farm  . 

It has to be approved by the rescue and appointments can only be made by us. Client pays when bringing in cats to be fixed.

This year we helped get 21 cats fixed through this program.​​​​  For information contact Linda catstnrrescue@gmail.com