2018 Wellwood emergency rescue:

​43 cats trapped in 4 days!
-22 adoptable
-18 placed in barn buddy program
- 3 deceased (caught in leg hold          trap/sho

in June of 2018 we were informed someone had been hired to eliminate the cats in Wellwood that we had been doing TNR with. Our team quickly set about trapping and removing as many cats as possible from the dangers. Unfortunately some were already shot and one was caught in a leg hold trap. Volunteers got it to the vet in Minnedosa where it was humanely euthanized.  Some that were shot were nursing moms so we tried to find as many orphans as possible.  Thank you Carrie , Rachel and Martha and Joelle from Carberry vet clinic for mobilizing to get these cats out of harms way. 

 We knew and had proof of the person responsible complete with eye witness reports and pictures. We contacted the Animal Care Line in Winnipeg and an inspector was sent out. After several months in spite of the information we had gathered and proof of the guilty party nothing was done. No charges were laid.

A meeting was held with the council of the R.M but no satisfactory outcome as far as animal bylaw officer or a 
means of dealing with the stray cat problem. Seems they want it dealt with but don't want to spend any money. Are we to deal with this again in the future? Tougher laws need to be enacted and followed through on. Cats are the victims . Every town has this problem . The only humane solution is TNR but rescues cannot carry the financial burden alone. People need to start pressuring their councils to help. 
        Wellwood 2021

The work here continues.  49 cats trapped . Of these 13 were found barn homes. 3 were returned . 13 were networked to other rescues and nine kittens that had been exposed to distemper we were unable to save. 

11 kittens and tame cats were adopted to homes.  We werent able to get them all before winter so that means there will be more cats and kittens this year. The hard work is finding homes for them. Most of these cats get dropped off or wander in from other places because the homeowner feeds them which is good , but feeding and not fixing creates problems in over breeding and over population.  Please spay and neuter . Its the only way this misery will end.