Happy Tails!
Little Oakley was born to a semi feral mom living outdoors and in a freak accident which resulted in a broken hind leg. She required surgery to place a pin in the break. Thanks to donations and Dr. Marie North we were able to go ahead with her surgery. S​he has been adopted and is a happy healthy cat.
Another rescue contacted us about a extremely skinny stray cat living on a reserve who needed help right away.  We took this girl in and when she arrived in our care we were shocked by the bad  shape she was in. ​Ruby was extremely underweight, full of intestinal worms and had barely enough energy to walk.  If she had not received help she likely would have passed away fairly shortly.

​After a few months of regular, small homemade meals that we gradually increased in size and than deworming treatments she made a huge improvement and blossomed into this beautiful cat inside and out! Ruby nearly doubled her weight in a matter of months!  After she learnt to trust people and the animals in her foster home. She was truly the most loving cat even after being mistreated prior.  Ruby is one cat we will never forget and we are so happy we were able to be apart of her happy ending.
Eve affectionately known as Eevie
She was trapped by animal control and left in the trap for too long in very cold temps.
Her ear and tail both froze as well as all her toes on her back feet.
Hydrotherapy was applied to try and save her frostbitten back toes but it was not successful.

The decision was made to amputate her back toes and see if she was able to adapt to just having the pad to walk on. She is an amazingly courageous little girl
She gets around ok . Better on carpet but she seems to be a pretty happy little girl in spite of all she has gone through.
She will not be adopted but stay in her fosters home where she is comfortable and knows she is safe.​​​​​​
Majestic came into our care from Wayway area with an extensive open wound on her lower abdomen and puncture wounds to back end, after she had been running from a group of dogs and fell from a tree causing a branch to cut her open pretty badly.
After her surgery she required kennel rest to recover from her wounds and spay. She had a lovely personality even during painful times. Once Majestic was healed she was adopted to a wonderful home where she felt safe and still loves spending time outdoors in the trees. 
​Thank you to Carberry Vet Clinic and her foster mom for providing her with the best care during her surgery and recovery period.

This little girl was trapped in Riding Mountain. She was skinny and wormy and scared. Siamese Rescue in Winnipeg took her under them and she went on to a much better life than the streets.