Adoption Fees:
​Adoption Fees: Kittens (under 6 months) - $90 (or adopt 2 for $135)
Adults (over 6 months)- $75 (or adopt 2 for $120)
Cat Of The Month (Can Be Any Age)- $60

Email or call/text our adoptions coordinator ​Carrie @ (204)721-3237 if you have any questions or are interested in meeting a particular cat.

Meet Loki
D.S.H. Pure Orange
2 Year Old – Male (Neutered & Vaccinated)

Loki is a affectionate guy who enjoys pets and cuddles. He gets along wonderfully with other animals and you will often find him playing or sleeping with them. Loki has also been exposed to children in his foster home and does great with a variety of age groups. Loki loves bed time and will come running to join you when he sees you headed to bed. Come warm temperatures Loki does like to go outside and do a little mouse hunting, and has shown his foster mom to be a proven mouser.  He will need a home where he can get a little safe outdoor access. An acreage would be ideal for this boy.
Indoor/outdoor Home | Litter Trained 

Meet Nick!
DSH orange and white
1yr old- male (vaccinated/ neutered)​
​​​Handsome, sweet Nick... this young boy is a shy fella but has lots of love to give. His foster mom says that he loves to groom his person. lol  He would probably do better in a quieter home just because he is a little shy. Once he gets to know you though he will come for pets and loves to play with his kitty toys. This sweet relaxed boy would love to find his new family and forever home. Just recently his foster made him a catio so he can enjoy some of the summer days outside. He loves climbing the tree and watching the birds up above. Nick would benefit in a home that can maybe give him some outside access in a country home or a home with a catio.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Meet Otis!
DSH grey tabby with white
1yr old-male (vaccinated/neutered)

Otis is a little character. He has come such a long way​​ In his foster home! He is a  busy boy that loves to play with the other foster cat in his home and loves all the toys his foster mom has bought him. His most favorite toy is the dogs ball. He loves stealing it from the dog in his foster home:) Otis may take awhile to come around at first but once he feels comfortable in his new home he will show you his true character and a character he is! Otis seems to feel more comfortable around adults or older kids. Ladies being his most favourite people.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Available Cats and Kittens
Meet Wally!
DSH orange tabby with white
2yr old male (neutered/vaccinated)

​ Wally came into our Rescue a little underweight and with a leg injury. After lots of tlc he has healed up and now looking for his forever home.

He is a sweet affectionate boy who would love a home and family to call his own. He has been ​with other cats In his foster home and enjoys having a playmate. Wally will follow you around the house cooing, talking and looking for pets. He can be found snuggled up at the foot of your bed at night or snuggled up in your lap in the evenings. He has shown some interest in the outdoors and has been quite happy wearing a collar or harness for his outside time.
Indoor/Outdoor Home/Litter Trained​

Meet Luna!  
DSH dk grey tabby
approx.5 yrs old-female(spayed/vaccinated/declawed)

Luna is on the search for her new home! She was brought in with her time up at the pound. Luna was brought into rescue and treated for a bladder infection which sadly could be the reason she was dumped in the first place:(  She is a super sweet girl who loves rubbing up to you for pets. She is quite affectionate but, not so fond of belly rubs. Luna doesnt' seem to mind the dog in her foster home but not overly liking the cats. She would do best in a home as the only cat in the home. 
Indoor Home/Litter Trained​
Meet KitKat!
DSH Tabby with white
2yr old-male (neutered/vaccinated)

​​​​​KitKat is looking for a country home where he can be an indoor/outdoor cat. He loves to be outdoors in the warm months! He is great with kids and other animals. KitKat purrs constantly even for his vet appointments. He also loves attention from the dogs and going for walks with his foster family. KitKat is such a good boy and would make a great companion for just about anybody. Very tolerant of kids! 
Indoor/Outdoor Home/Litter Trained​

Meet Lido!    
DSH white with grey
9 month old male (vaccinated/neutered)

Lido just recently came into our rescue. He has been given a clean bill of health other than some frost bitten ears and ear mites which have been treated. This poor fella was found in the process of being dumped in a forest to fend for itself. While in our care for a short time now he is already winning over everyones hearts. The vets, rescue girls, and his foster family are just loving him! Such a good boy and taking no time at all fitting in.
With his striking blue eyes and beautiful personality he is going to make some family very happy.
Indoor Home/Litter Trained​​​​​​
Meet Tux!
​DSH black and white
1 yr old  male(neutered/vaccinated)

Tux is a nice boy. He is a little unsure of new surroundings and will need some time and patience when he is adopted. When he does come out of his shell you will see a sweet boy who loves his pets and treats. ​​He would probably do best with another cat in the home. He loves to cuddle up with a fellow cat and this way he sees how safe it is and will feel more comfortable in his new home that much sooner. Tux is fostered with small dogs as well and has been doing well with them.  This boy has spent many hours outdoors this summer so an indoor/outdoor home would be important for this guy.
Litter trained/ indoor/Outdoor Home​


Meet Echo!  
DSH tabby/calico
2 yr old female (vaccinated/spayed)

This sweet girl came to us while trapping some ferals in a local community. Unclaimed, we had her spayed and vaccinated and she has turned out to be a very nice girl. She is on the petite side and very affectionate. She is fostered with other cats and gets along with them fairly well. She can get a little on the jealous side if shes not included in the pets. Echo would do well in any family.​​​​
Meet Marshal! 
DMH black
8 month-male (vaccinated/neutered)

Marshal and his brother were found ​​​​left and abandoned on the side of the road as kittens. Marshal has medium length fur and is more of a cuddly, laid back boy. Marshal will follow you around the house watching you and just wanting to be with his person. He is soo affectionate and tolerates cuddles from anyone willing to give him some. He does have spurts of playfulness, but is definetly a cuddler! Such a sweet, sweet cat!
Indoor Home/Litter Trained​
Meet Rebel!
DSH black
8 month-male (vaccinated/neutered)

​​​​Rebel, along with his brother Marshal were left abandoned on the side of a road.  
Rebel LOVES to play! Get this boy some kitty toys and a cat tree and he will be in paradise!​ Rebel is an independent soul and can be content just doing his own thing. He does still enjoy his pets and cuddles but is happiest playing. These boys are fairly well behaved and quick to adjust to their new surroundings. Rebel has occasionally been allowed outdoors on warm days, so a home that can allow this would be ideal.
Indoor/outdoor Home/Litter Trained​ 
Meet Gus!        
​DSH grey tabby
6 month old-male(vaccinated/ neutered)

​​​​​Gus was our bottle baby in Rescue that came from a dump. He came in at 2 weeks old, and is now old enough and ready for his new home. Gus is full of curiosity and loves playing with his foster sister Clara. He can be a fairly independent boy as well and can be happy playing on his cat tree and batting around a dangly cat toy... his favourite. Gus loves his wet food and will come a running when he hears the can open! Gus has been fostered in a home with dogs,other cats and used to kids. He can get a little squirmy with kids but doesn't scratch. He is a great couch cuddler though and will love his person unconditionally.
Indoor Home/Litter Trained​
Meet Clara!
DSH brown tabby with white
5 monthes old- female(vaccinated/spayed)

Miss Clara came into Rescue along with her mom and brothers. They were found homeless in an abandonded shed.
Clara was at first very timid but with the help of his foster brother Gus and with some time and patience she has turned into a very sweet and loving girl. Clara would do best with another cat in the home. She will cry out looking for a friend if left alone. She loves playing with the other cats tails, and climbing her tall cat tree right to the top! Clara has been well socialized with kids, dogs and other cats in her foster home.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​​​
Meet Toulouse!
DSH orange and white
7 month old-male (vaccinated/ neutered)

Toulouse came into rescue along with his mom, brother and sister. Toulouse loves to wrestle and play with the other animals in his foster home including the 2 smaller dogs. He can hold his own against the bigger animals no problem. He really seems to enjoy the company of other animals and would do best in a home with a playmate.He loves to curl up on fluffy blankets and will sometimes sleep underneath them with you!
Toulouse is a well rounded kitten and is now ready for his new home.
Meet Peek!
DSH black with brown highlights
4.5 month old male (vaccinated/neutered)

Peek is fully of personality! He took no time at all getting used to cuddles and pets from his foster family. He loves playing with his sister Boo and hopping around the house on his toes. Hes a goofy boy with tons of character. Along with his big wide eyes, Peek just may be the cutest little guy around.
Peek is being well socialized with kids, dogs and other cats in his foster home.​
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Meet Boo!
DSH grey tabby
4.5 month old female(vaccinated/spayed)

Boo ​​is Peeks sister. Boo has been in rescue for a bit now and would love a family of her own. She is a well socialized young girl. Used to kids picking her up and used to large dogs. Boo would do best in a home with other cats. She loves being with her brother Peek but a new friend would be ok too!
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​

Meet Kameko!
DSH Tortishell
4 month old female(2nd vaccinations)

Kameco is a dainty little girl that comes across a little shy. In her foster home she has been exposed to dogs and other cats. 
Kameco has come a long way in her foster home. ​​She will at first come across a little unsure but give her a few days and she will show you what kinda cuddly friend she can be. She loves to cuddle up onto your lap while watching movies, and she has really gotten more comfortable with kids. Her last vet appointment she purred through her vaccinations! Don't miss out on this little beauty!
Litter Trained/ Indoor Home​

Meet Hope!
DSH black and white 
4 month old female (2nd vaccinations)

Hope was found abandoned under a deck crying out for help. Hope loves playing with her kitty toys and is full of energy!
She is a little unsure of new people and new surroundings but given a bit of time she will be putty in your hands.
​Indoor Home/Litter Trained
Meet Jamie!
DSH tabby with white
3.5 month old male( 2nd vaccinations)​​

Jamie is a nice little guy. A little shy at first but easily swayed for pets and cuddles. He is getting lots of attention with kids in his foster home and seems to adapt pretty quickly to new surroundings.
Jamie is looking for a home that has lots of toys to play with, maybe another kitty in the home and a family who will give him the chance to grow up and be the cutest little guy on the block.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​​​​​​
Meet Dixie!
DSH black female
5 months old (spayed/vaccinated) 

​​Sweet Dixie is seen cuddled up her with her foster sister Hope. She quickly adapts to new environments and loves other cats. She is a cuddler and would love to find that family where she will get lots of them!​​​​​​
Indoor Home/Litter Trained​
Meet Hilton!
DSH grey with white
2+ yr old male (vaccinated/neutered)

Hilton is a really nice boy. He is very independent and loves to be loved on. He is on the search for a country home where he can get outdoor access. He loves being outside and is outside often, especially in the summer months. He loves pets and scratches under the chin. When indoors he will follow you looking for pets. He loves large dogs and will often be found trying to curl up beside them. Hilton is a loveable, outdoorsy guy.

Indoor/Outdoor home/Litter Trained​​
Meet Samantha!
DSH torbi
6 month old female(vaccinated/spayed)
This pretty girl is just another one of our many recent rescues. She is a sweet little thing and will do well in a family home. She loves playing with her cat toys and is quite the acrobat when she wants that toy! She is a fairly independent girl and is not a huge fan of being picked up. But give her a lap to sit on and she will be your best bud.Beautiful color on this girls coat makes her a real eye catcher. She loves and gets along well with the other cats she lives with. And uses her scratching post.
Litter Trained/Indoor Home​
Meet Keanu!
DSH black and white
4 month old female

Keanu is part of a litter of 3. Again another from our Wellwood group. She is Donut and Braverys sister. Keanu comes across a bit on the timid side at first but is very friendly.She is a bit of a princess and loves to be held close to her person and snuggled. Keanu would love a home with another cat in it. 
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained
Meet Donut!
DSH black and white
4 month old male(2nd vaccination)

We have a crew of kittens coming of age from our rescue in Wellwood! Donut being one of them. His twin sister is Keanu. His foster mom says sometimes he comes across as maybe not the brightest of little guys  and sometimes needs help getting out of situations he gets himself in. Donut is a healthy eater but that is probably from all the energy spent playing and growing.
Donut is looking for a home that can keep up with his playfulness and playful energy!
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained
Meet Brave!
DSH black
4 month​ old male (2nd vaccinations)

Bravery is Keanu and Donuts brother. Bravery got his name because he doesn't mind taking an adventure away from his brother and sister. He has a playful spirit and he's very quick. He likes chasing his toys and flies, jumping, and snuggling around the neck!
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained
Meet Turk!
DSH tabby
3.5 month old male(2nd vaccinations)

Turk, another one of our orphans from Wellwood  This poor little one was left behind without a momma. Turk is a bit of a turkey...:) but a joy to watch as he plays. This handsome little guy is looking for that special family to grow up with. He has been exposed to dogs and enjoys kids. Turk would need another kitty companion in his new home.He will cry out looking for another. He doesn't like being alone.
Litter Trained/ Indoor Home
Meet Gaget!
DSH black
4 month old male( 2nd vaccinations

As Gadget is growing in rescue he has become a well socialized boy. A once timid guy he is now always at your feet looking for pets, and kisses. Gadget still has lots of energy to play and loves his toys. He is a well behaved boy, and can seem a bit more on the independent side. ​​
​​Indoor Home/Litter Trained
Meet SLY!
DSH black and white
3 month old female(2nd vaccination)

​​​​Sly has the biggest character of her littermates. She is so full of energy and cuteness. Sly is one of 5 of our orphan kittens. Raised by a young surrogate mother cat. She is always playing with her toys, hunting bugs, or finding a sunspot on the floor to curl up and bask in.. This sweet girl is ready to find her fitting family. Sly is maybe the most tolerant kitten I have ever crossed. Nothing fazes her. Beautiful personality!
Litter Trained/ Indoor Home​

Meet Cleo
5 month old female(spayed/vaccinated)

Cleo is an independent young cat. She lives with other cats in her foster home but I believe could be happy as an only cat as well. She can be a bit of a moody girl and may be better suited to a home with older kids. Her foster home is working with her to become more social. 
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​

Meet Maise!
DSH grey tabby
4.5 monthes old(spayed/vaccinated)

Maise came to us back in May when she was found on the side of the road unable to walk. Vetted she was found to have  multiple breaks in her hip and breast bone and a hernia that required surgery. Its been some time now and she is completely healed! Maise is now ready for that forever home. She loves being motherly to her foster bottle babies and can often be found cuddled up beside them. And at times when she's in the mood she will rip around the house at what seems like super high speed. She would do best in a home with another friendly cat to buddy up with. 
Indoor Home/Litter Trained​
Meet Bruno!
DSH grey tabby
4 month old male(2nd vaccinations)

​​​​Bruno is a wanna be tough guy. He loves playing rough with his brother Mr. Thomas:) These boys would do great in a home together. They are often found taking a nap together after a good round of wrestling.
Indoor Home/Litter Trained​
Meet Mr. Thomas!
DSH lt. orange tabby
4 month old male(2nd vaccinations)

​​​​Mr. Thomas like his brother Bruno is a rough houser. Like most boys these 2 love to wrestle. Mr. Thomas and Bruno would make great playmates for someone looking for 2 kitties:) At quiet time these 2 can often be found piled on one another napping. They love to play and have a soft side as well, cuddling with their person:)
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Meet Herbie!
DSH tabby
​​4 month old male(2nd vaccination)

Meet Nanna!
DSH grey and white
1 yr old female (vaccinated/spayed)

​​​​Nanna was a surrogate mom to 5 orphan babies that came out of recent rescue. She has a beautiful character. She still loves to play with her toys and just loves to do her own thing as well. Nanna is very laid back. She will talk a bit to ya when she wants something. Nanna deserves a forever home where she has her turn at being cared for.
Indoor Home/Litter Trained​
Meet TC!
DSH black and white​
​4.5 month old male( 2nd vaccinations)
TC... I love this little sweetheart! He acts very timid until he gets to know you. Once his guard is down he is the most effectionate little guy. He wants to be on your lap and giving you kisses. TC deserves a home where he will be loved unconditionally!
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​​
Meet Tippy!
DMH grey tabby
3.5 month old female​​(2 vaccinations)

Tippy is one of our hand raised bottle babies. She would love to go to a home with other cats or even better, adopted with one of her littermates. 
Litter trained/Indoor Home​​​
Meet Lincoln!
DSH black and white
3.5 months old-male(1st vaccination​​)

Lincoln is the sweetest little guy. He will start his little motor as soon as he sees his person. He loves his foster family and less dominant cats. He has yet to be introduced to dogs but believe he will adjust quickly to them.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​​​​​
Meet Sandy
DSH brown tabby
1 yr.old female (spayed/vaccinated)

​​​​Sandy was dumped like trash in a local dump. She has the most beautiful personality. Sandy is a very laid back girl. She would love to find a quiet home where she can lay in front of the window in the sun. Sandy has beautiful markings and a must see kitty.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Meet Jewel!
DSH brown tabby
1 yr old female

Preadoption Available!​​​​
Meet Danny!
DSH brown tabby
11 weeks old-male

Preadoption Available!
Meet Julie!
DMH dark grey tabby
11 weeks old-female

Adoption Pending!!
Meet JoJo!
DMH dark grey tabby
10 week old female

Meet Heath!
DSH brown tabby
11 week old male

Meet Murray!
DSH brown tabby
11 weeks old male

Meet Ellice!
DSH calico
1+yr old female(vaccinated/spayed)

Ellice was trapped in a local community along with her 3 kittens. Ellice loves playing the role of momma cat and can often be found cuddling up and grooming the younger cats in her foster home. Ellice would do best in a home with adults or older kids.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​​​​​
Meet Crimson!
DSH orange and white​
6 week old female​
The up and comers!
(Under 8 weeks of age.)
Meet Ember!
DSH orange tabby
6 week old female​​
Meet Cambrie!
DSH orange and white
6 week old female​​
Meet Scarlett!
DSH brown tabby
6 week old female​​
Meet Rhett!
DSH grey tabby with white
6 week old male​​
Meet Peter!
DSH grey tabby
6 week old male​​
Meet Cara!
DSH tortishell
6 week old female​​