Available Cats & Kittens
Adoption Fees:
​Adoption Fees: Kittens (under 6 months) - $90 (or adopt 2 for $135)
Adults (over 6 months)- $75 (or adopt 2 for $120)
Cat Of The Month (Can Be Any Age)- $60

Email carrie_may1@hotmail.com or call/text our adoptions coordinator ​Carrie @ (204)721-3237 if you have any questions or are interested in meeting a particular cat.
Meet Loki
D.S.H. Pure Orange
1+ Year Old – Male (Neutered & Vaccinated)

Loki is a affectionate guy who enjoys pets and cuddles. He gets along wonderfully with other animals and you will often find him playing or sleeping with them. Loki has also been exposed to children in his foster home and does great with a variety of age groups. Loki loves bed time and will come running to join you when he sees you headed to bed.
Indoor Home | Litter Trained 

Meet Maurice!
D.S.H. Grey/Black Tabby
8 month Old - Male( vaccinated and neutered)

Not only is Maurice cute as a button but he has quite the personality to match. This smart boy needs a home to keep him busy so he doesn't get bored. Maurice is a extremely well socialized boy who loves people and would love to wrestle and run with other cats in his home. Naturally Maurice loves his toys and we often rotate different toys to keep him stimulated. He also enjoys cuddles and purrs as soon as you pet him. Maurice does occasionally have a sneezing fit. It is caused from respiratory issues he had when he was a kitten. He is a healthy boy and it doesn't effect him at all but, it would be important to have your current cats utd on vaccinations if you were to consider Maurice. Precautionary measures.  Litter Trained | Indoor Home
Meet Stewart!
DS​H Grey & White Tabby 
6 monthes - Male (2nd vaccinations)

Stewart "little"​​ is finally ready to find his furrever home. He enjoys playing with the other kitties in his foster home. During quiet times he loves to get cozy with you on the couch. He will look into your eyes when you talk to him which makes you feel he may just understand you. He is such a sweetheart and will melt your heart immediately! Stewart hasn't yet been introduced to dogs but being so young he should adjust. He would do well with other cats in the house. As you can see, he has been been playing the roll of babysitter to smaller ones than himself.
Indoor Home only | Litter trained​
Meet Chase!
DSH Grey Tabby/Siamese Mix 
6 months- Male (vaccinated and neutered)

Chase is a laid back boy. Keeps to himself mostly. He does like to play with his toys but also content to just be with his person. Chase had a rough start to his life but since coming into the rescue he has shown how sweet of a boy he can be. This handsome fella also has beautiful bluish eyes and the silkiest coat. He loves attention and would make a great lap warmer.  Don't miss out on this young boy.
Indoor Home Only/ litter trained​

Meet Taffy!
DSH grey and white​
1+ ​yrs old- male ( vaccinated/neutered)

Taffy is still on the search for the best suited forever home. ​Ideally​ Taffy needs a country home where he can be allowed to go outdoors as he loves to hunt, and loves to help around the yard. He loves to go for walks with you as well! 
After a busy day though he ​wants to come inside and have some cuddles with you on the couch. He is well mannered in the house and will use the litter box. Taffy is socialized with other cats, dogs and children but also does fine alone in the home. Litter Trained/ Indoor & Outdoor Home​ Needed
Meet Zorro!
DSH black and white
14 weeks old-male (1st vaccinations)

This cute little guy came in with his 3 sisters, Louie, Dewey and Hazel.  All 4 were bottle babies​​ and are now ready to find a forever home. Zorro has been exposed to dogs and kids of all ages. 
​​​Indoor Home/ Litter Trained
Meet Louie!
DSH brown tabby
14 weeks old- female ( 1st vaccinations)

This sweet girl is 1 of 4 bottle babies our rescue took in. ​She is a sweet girl and loves to cuddle up with her litter mates. As you can see she has neat tabby swirls all over her. A very pretty girl.  
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Meet Dewy!
DSH brown tabby
14 weeks old- female ( 1st vaccinations)

This is Dewey another bottle baby. Dewey also loves to snuggle up with her littermates. She has been exposed to dogs and kids of all ages.  ​​​​
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Meet Raffi!
DMH grey
6 months old- male (vaccinated and neutered)

​​​​Raffi is as sweet and gentle as they come. He has found a best friend in a little girl he shares his home with. You can often find him curled up with her having a nap. This cutie loves playing with the other cats in his foster home but his favourite thing to do is having cat naps.
Indoor Home/ Litter trained​

Meet Button! ( ON HOLD)
DSH grey with tabby marbling
13 week old- female (2nd vaccinations)

Button was a bottle baby who came into the rescue at 2/3 weeks old. She is the sweetest little girl! Button took a little extra time to figure out the litter box but has now mastered it!
She LOVES playing with the other foster cat in her foster home and would love to be adopted with another kitty or to someone who already has a cat. She loves to play and will cuddle up for a nap and suck on your sweater or soft blanket.  ​She has been exposed to dogs and will occasionally play with them. 
Litter trained/ Indoor Home Only​

Meet Nick!
DSH orange and white
6 months old- male (vaccinated/ neutered)​
​​​Handsome, sweet Nick... this young boy is a shy fella but has lots of love to give. He would probably do better in a quieter home just because he is a little shy. Once he gets to know you though he will come for pets and loves to play with his kitty toys. To win him over he takes wet food, one of his most favorite treats:)
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Meet Bart!
DSH b​lack and white
4.5 months old- male (vaccinated)

Bart...the sweetest little guy ever!! He loves everybody and loves to play. ​He can play for hours and then be quite content to sit on your lap to cuddle. He has been exposed to dogs and seems to love them. He is a caring and social little guy.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​​​
Meet Otis!
DSH grey tabby with white
​​5 months old-male (2nd vaccinations)

Otis is a little character. He has come such a long way​​ In his foster home! He is a  busy boy that loves to play with the other foster cat in his home and loves all the toys his foster mom has bought him. His most favorite toy is the dogs ball. He loves stealing it from the dog in his home:) Otis may take awhile to come around at first but once he feels comfortable in his new home he will show you his true character and a character he is!
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​

Meet Choncho!             Available Soon!  
DSH light orange                  
4 monthes old-male(1st vaccinations)
Chonchoo is the name of this sweet boy, the name was to him by a little boy in his foster home. Chonchoo and his brother Simba were found abandoned in a ditch and a good Samaritan found and bottle fed until they were old enough to eat on their own. He is ready to find his new forever home. A cuddly boy who loves the kids in his foster home.​
Meet Simba!             Available Soon!
DSH light orange
4 monthes old​​​​-male(1st vaccinations)

Simba is a strong silent type of kitty. He along with his brother Choncoo were found in a ditch as babies and were bottle fed until they were big enough to eat on their own. Simba loves cuddles but on his own terms. He enjoys the children in his foster home and has gotten along well with the other pets in the house.​​
Litter Trained/ Indoor Home​
Meet Milo​!            Available Soon!
DSH brown tabby with white
6 monthes old-male​​(1st vaccination/neutered)

Milo was found on the side of the road on his way to freezing to death. A lady was lucky to have seen him, took him home and thawed him out. Since being in his foster home he has shown that he can get along well with the other animals in the house. He loves to follow his foster mom around the house and loves kids.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​​​
Meet Jared!​​                Available Soon!
DSH brown tabby​
6 monthes old-male(1st vaccinations/neutered)​

Jared has come back into our rescue at no fault of his own. ​He had lived in a home where the more senior cats were unaccepting of him and being the sensitive guy he is was showing signs of being unhappy in his home. So... he is on the hunt for a new home. Jared is a beautiful big boy who gets along well with other cats that are less dominant. He loves cheek scratches and sleeping up high in the cat tree. ​