Adoption Fees:
​Adoption Fees: Kittens (under 6 months) - $90 (or adopt 2 for $135)
Adults (over 6 months)- $75 (or adopt 2 for $120)
Cat Of The Month (Can Be Any Age)- $60

Email or call/text our adoptions coordinator ​Carrie @ (204)721-3237 if you have any questions or are interested in meeting a particular cat.

Meet Loki
D.S.H. Pure Orange
3+ Year Old – Male (fully vetted)

Loki is a affectionate guy who enjoys pets and cuddles. He gets along wonderfully with other animals and you will often find him playing or sleeping with them. Loki has also been exposed to children in his foster home and does great with a variety of age groups. Loki loves bed time and will come running to join you when he sees you headed to bed. Come warm temperatures Loki does like to go outside and do a little mouse hunting, and has shown his foster mom to be a proven mouser.  He will need a home where he can get a little safe outdoor access. An acreage would be ideal for this boy.
Indoor/outdoor Home | Litter Trained 

Meet Nick!
DSH orange and white
1.5yr old- male (fully vetted)​
​​​Handsome, sweet Nick... this young boy is a shy fella but has lots of love to give. His foster mom says that he loves to groom his person. lol  He would probably do better in a quieter home just because he is a little shy. Once he gets to know you though he will come for pets and loves to play with his kitty toys. This sweet relaxed boy would love to find his new family and forever home. Just recently his foster made him a catio so he can enjoy some of the summer days outside. He loves climbing the tree and watching the birds up above. Nick would benefit in a home that can maybe give him some outside access in a country home or a home with a catio.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Meet Otis!
DSH grey tabby with white
1.5yr old-male (fully vetted)

Otis is a little character. He has come such a long way​​ In his foster home! He is a  busy boy that loves to play with the other foster cat in his home and loves all the toys his foster mom has bought him. His most favorite toy is the dogs ball. He loves stealing it from the dog in his foster home:) Otis may take awhile to come around at first but once he feels comfortable in his new home he will show you his true character and a character he is! Otis seems to feel more comfortable around adults or older kids. Ladies being his most favourite people.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​
Available Cats and Kittens
Meet Lido!    
DSH white with grey
1 yr old male (fully vetted)

This poor fella was rescued in the process of being dumped in a forest to fend for himself. Lido is a pretty easy going guy but in new surroundings does get very shy. He will take a bit of time to adjust to a new home. Lido has been getting pretty creative about bolting outside on nice days as well so a home where he can get safe outdoor access would be best for this guy.
With his striking blue eyes, he is going to make someone very happy.
Indoor Home/ Outdoor Home
​Litter Trained​​​​​​
Meet Kameko!
DSH Tortishell-female
DOB:May2/18(fully vetted)

Kameco has come a long way in her foster home. ​​She will at first come across a little unsure but give her a few days and she will show you what kinda cuddly friend she can be. She loves to cuddle up onto your lap while watching movies, and she has really gotten more comfortable with kids. Her last vet appointment she purred through her vaccinations! Don't miss out on this little beauty!
Litter Trained/ Indoor Home​

Meet Hope!
DSH black and white 
1 yr old female (fully vetted)

Hope was found abandoned under a deck crying out for help. Hope loves playing with her cat toys and is full of energy!
She is a little unsure of new people and new surroundings but given a bit of time she will come around. She enjoys her pets and chin scratches. Hope would do best in a quieter home. 
​Indoor Home/Litter Trained
Meet Jewel!
DSH brown tabby-female
DOB:Sept.1/17(fully vetted)

​​​​Jewel came into rescue with 5 newborn kittens. She has raised them all and all her babies have been adopted. She is now waiting for her permanent home. Jewel is a quiet laid back girl who is a little shy but enjoys her pets. She would love a quiet home where she could have a lap to lay on. 
Indoor Home
Meet Bonnie!
DSH bl​ack
1+year old female(fully vetted)​

Bonnie has been doing really well in her foster home. She loves rubbing up on your leg for pets and attention. Loves her kitty toys and sleeping in the sun. Bonnie does unintentionally get a little rough when playing so right now I think she would do better in a home with older kids. Indoor Home/Litter Trained.

Meet Brady!
DSH dilute orange tabby-male
DOB:Sept.11/19(fully vetted)​​
Meet Crimson!
DSH orange and white female
13 month old (fully vetted)

Crimson has the biggest personality of her litter. She almost acts like she’s a bit spoiled... or maybe cause she is a bit in her foster home lol. Crimson is an active girl so a home with another cat would be best. very bonded with her sister Ember,it would be nice if they could be adopted together. She loves her cat trees and toys and hopes her new home will have lots! 
Indoor Home/Litter Trained

Meet Muffin!
DSH grey tabby
13 month old female(fully vetted)

Muffin was found in a parking lot  crying out for help, and lucky for her a foster came available. She has been vetted, and is ready for her new home. Muffin is a cuddle bug and used to both other cats and dogs in her foster home. She loves to sit up on your shoulder and lay beside you on the couch for cuddles and pets.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained​​​​​
Meet Jack!
DLH black-male

Jack has been getting well socialized in his foster home for months now. He had shown signs of wanting to be near ppl but just too scared. FINALLY, after time and patience Jack let his guard down and has decided it was time to allow pets. He actually LOVES attention that comes with chin scratches, kisses and toy playing. He would still do best in a quieter home or a home with older kids because fast movements still startle him. With understanding, and a bit of patience this sweet boy will win you over. If Jack wants pets or attention he will grab your hand and tell you he wants them. He is actually quite a confident boy and little character once comfortable in his surroundings.

Meet Cambrie!
DSH orange and white
13 month old female(fully vetted)​​

​Cambrie is described as an angel. perfect as they come according to her foster mom. She is a cuddler and appreciative of everything. She’s the first to meet you at the door for pets and chin scratches. She loves playing with her litter mates and toys as well and likes being up high on your shoulder or cat tree. Cambrie has also recently shown a real interest in the outdoors so we are searching for an indoor/outdoor home for her where she can get safe outdoor access on warm summer days.
Indoor/Outdoor Home​

Meet Judy!
DSH Torbi-female
DOB: May5/17(fully vetted)

Judy is a very nice girl. She gets along well, with the foster cats and the dog in the foster home. Judy hasn't been around kids for too long yet but she is beginning to get used to them. Sometimes the fast movements of kids are just too scary. Judy loves her pets and sleeping nestled in her foster moms neck like a scarf. Judy for some reason likes to nibble on her moms fingertips. She is gentle when doing this though. She is quite an affectionate girl.
Indoor Home/ Litter Trained

Meet Jill!
DSH black and white
1yr old female(fully vetted)

Jill is a shy but sweet girl. She comes across a little timid but in a quiet home she will flourish! She loves rubbing up for pets and talking to you about your day. Very sweet girl, that needs an understanding, patient home where she can get over her shyness.

Indoor Home/Litter Trained​​​​
Meet Athena!
DSH black
2+ yr old female(fully vetted)

This beautiful girl was returned into rescue. She is going to need a special someone to take the time to let her adjust to a new home. She has been in rescue close to a year and is very loving and affectionate to her foster mom so we know its in her to come around. She Is just super shy. Sweet, sweet girl though. It'll be worth the wait in getting to know her.
Indoor Home​​
Meet Ellice!
DSH calico
2+ yr old female(fully vetted)
Ellice like most calicos have a bit of a mood to them. Elice can be quite affectionate but it is on her terms. When she has had enough she will firmly slap you out of her way. ​Elice came into rescue with 3 young kittens at her side. All her babies have now found homes...she is waiting for her special someone now.
Meet Dixie!
DSH black 
1 yr old​ female(fully vetted)​

Dixie was recently returned back into rescue. This girl will ​need a quiet home and someone who can give her time to adjust to her surroundings. She has been in rescue for close to a year and is used to her foster family. New surroundings make her anxious so a small room to get her started may be best as she settles in.
Indoor HOme​
Meet Marky!
DSH orange tabby-male
DOB: Sept.22/18(fully vetted)

Marky has been in foster care about 6 months now. He talks to his foster mom often, and rubs up against her leg in affection. Giving head butts and allowing tummy rubs. This little fella is learning about trust and what love and affections is. I’m not sure he’s had much of any in his early months of life.  He’s a beautiful kitty who is looking for that special someone to make his own. Marky loves playing with other cats and has been fostered in a home with dogs.
Indoor Home​ .

Meet Myan
DSH tabby
12​ month old male(fully vetted)​

Myan is a nice quiet boy. The first one to the food dish and the first for pets. Myan can be a little shy at first but opens up well once com​fortable in his new surroundings.
Indoor Home​​
Meet Luke!
DLH black and white
6 month old male(fully vetted)

Luke is a playful little guy who loves cuddling up with his foster sister. ​Luke is getting well socialized with a young family, and is ready for his new forever home anytime now. Don't miss out on this fuzz ball.
Indoor Home​

Meet Bear!
DSH Black-male
DOB: Apr.4/19(fully vetted)

Bear is fostereed with lots of other cats of all ages and currently getting used to dogs... and doing very well with them. Bear is a very nice boy. He loves the game of chase and playing with cat toys and rolling in cat nip.
Indoor Home​​
Meet Dusk!
DSH black-female
DOB: Apr.4/19(fully vetted)​

Dusk is an easy going kitten. She loves playing with her brother Bear. ​Dusk has a cool striped pattern in her fur that sets her apart from her brother. IndoorHome
Meet Eclipse!
DSH black female
​DOB: Apr.4/19(fully vetted)​

Eclipse is currently foster with a young family and buddied with foster kitten Luke. She has been settling into her foster home quite well. Eclipse is a little bit on the shy side but loves to play and cuddle once she feels comfortable.
Indoor Home​​​
Meet Greg!
DMH grey tabby-male
DOB: Sept.11/19(fully vetted)

Meet Jamie!
DSH tabby with white-male
DOB: May.17/18( fully vetted)​​.

Jamie unfortunatly was brought back​ into rescue due to one of his new family members having allergies. Jamie is a sweet, gentle boy. who does well with the other cats in his home. He is often found playing with his toys and sleepin up high on his shelf by the window.
Indoor Home/Litter Trained​
Meet Ember!
DSH ginger with white
1​3 month old female(fully vetted)​

Embers Favourite toy is her little pompoms. She kicks them around, carries them from place to place. She also loves to kick toy springs around. Very cuddly girl and often giving head butts. Lots of kisses from this girl as well. Ember Needs a home with people and other cats around. Ember is often found cuddled with her sister Cambrie.
Indoor Home​
Meet Shadow!
DSH black -male
DOB: April.7/14(fully vetted)

Shadow lives up to his name! This boy wants to be where you are all the time. Very friendly big boy. Shadow is one of the 14 cats left abandoned in a trailer court in Brandon. His foster home has been doing a wonderful job getting him and his siblings healthy and ready for their new homes. Shadow will need an indoor home. He has vision issues and don't believe he can see much at all. He learns quickly where his boundries are. Sweet loveable boy who needs to find an understanding and safe home. These cats have had a tough start in life and are waiting for that forever home, where they will never be left to fend for themselves again.

Indoor Home​

Meet Edgar!
DMH tabby with white-male
DOB: May23/19(fully vetted)​​.

Edgar is fairly new to rescue. ​He is a sweet loveable boy who loves his people! Kind gentle soul.
 Indoor Home.

Meet Winky!
DMH black with white bib-male
DOB: May23/19(fully vetted)​

Winky, a bother to Edgar and ​Wesley is fairly new to rescue. This boy is always ready for pets and play. He is a good, well behaved boy. Used to being with other cats but believe he would do well as an only kitty as well. 
Indoor Home​
Meet Wesley!
DMH black with white bib- male
DOB: May23/19(fully vetted)​

Wesley is the most shy of his brothers. He still loves to come out for pets and play but may prefer a quieter home. ​Being fairly new to rescue this boy still has time to adjust to his surroundings.
Indoor Home​​
Meet Winnie!
DMH black with white bib-female
DOB: Sept.12/17​​(fully vetted)

Winnie is mom to Edgar, Winky and Wesley. Her babies are grown and she has been spayed. No more babies for this momma. Winnie has the most eyecatching golden colored eyes. Shes beautiful.
​Indoor Home
​​Meet Juno
DSH black-female
DOB:Au.14/19(2nd vaccination)​

Juno is getting well socialized in her foster home. Found outside, she's adjusting to indoor life quickly. Loving naps on her foster moms lap and being cuddled by kids and getting used to the other pets in the house.
Indoor Home​
Meet Alfie!
DSH tabby with white male
DOB: Aug.22/19(2nd vaccination)​
Meet Tabitha!
DSH tabico female
DOB: Aug22/19(2nd vaccination)​

Tabitha is the shyer kitten in her litter. Sweet and quiet. Tabitha has pretty orange bits of colouring through her fur. Very pretty. Tabitha is fostered in a new foster home where we hope to get her well socialized with other cats, kids and dogs:)
  Indoor Home
Meet Dennis!
DSH black and white male
DOB:Aug.22/19(2nd vaccination)​

This is Dennis. He has the most character of his litter. Always climbing his cat tree and chasing the broom at clean up time. Loves to play play play! Never a dull moment with this guy around. Dennis would love a family if his own to play with! Indoor Home
Meet Eugene!
DSH black male
DOB:Aug.9/19(2nd vaccinations)

Eugene came into rescue at around 3 weeks of age so we bottled him for a couple of weeks. He is a super sweet and affectionate boy. LOVES people and other kitties. Eugene is a pretty well behaved little boy. Indoor Home
Meet Bobby!
DSH orange and white
7 month old male(fully vetted)​

A foster home came available and this lucky boy was able to come into rescue. Bobby is a super sweet, easy going boy. He took to the fosters dog With no issues at all. This boy is going to fit well into any family. He is a little underweight, and just recently neutered, but his foster mom is saying he is a good eater. So this adorable boy will be ready for his forever home in no time!
​Indoor Home

Meet Gadget!
DSH black male
​DOB:June16/18(fully vetted)
Meet Gru!
DSH black with white tipped tail male
DOB:Sept.7/19(2nd vaccinations)​
Meet Jet!
DSH black female
DOB: Sept.7/19(2nd vaccinations)​
Meet Jan!
DSH black female
DOB: Set.7/19(2nd vaccinations)​
Meet Poe!
DSH black male
DOB: Sept.7/19(2nd vaccinations)​
Meet Pam!
DSH black female
DOB:Sept.7/19(2nd vaccinations)​
Meet Spooky!
DMH black male
DOB:June.1/19​​(2nd vaccinations)
Meet Mike!
DSH orange tabby-male
DOB:Sept.11/19(fully vetted)​
Meet Marcia!
DSH tabby with white-female
DOB:Sept.11/19(fully vetted)​
Meet Cindy!
DMH grey tabby​-female
DOB:Sept.11/19(fully vetted)​
Meet Chuckie!
DSH orange tabby-female
D.O.B :August.16/19​
Meet Brennen!
DSH grey and white-male
Meet Pita!
DSH grey and white-female
DOB:Aug.22/19(2 vaccinations)​​
Meet Bindy!
DSH grey and white-female
DOB:Aug.22/19​​(2 vaccinations)
Meet Casper!
DSH black with white locket
Meet Midge!
DSH tabby w/ white-female​
DOB:Sep.1/179fully vetted)​